Animation Course

By opening a course dedicated to 2D/3D animation careers, ECV was amongst the first French schools to meet the need of new professions that have emerged with the digital revolution. The ECV campuses of Bordeaux, Lille and Paris offer a dedicated training program: the Animation course. The program of the Animation course leads the students toward two possible specialisations: cinema animation and game design.

Computer graphics have revolutionised the world of communication and audio-visual. Animation has, in only a few years, become a key to content production in both the entertainment sector(feature films, youth TV series, special effects, video games, amusement parks) and in the communication sector (advertising, television formats, museums, education, scientific communication, or dedicated corporate films).

World production is always growing, France being at the 3rd place in the world, and leading the sector in Europe.

This new production industry is now mature and offers numerous careers and opportunities in France as well as abroad.

In France, the land of culture and innovation, along with its unique model of high level professionalising training, there are many talented artists and professionals in animation as much as in video games, the real ambassadors of the “French touch” throughout the world.

ECV, with its strong culture in image and visual communication, offers a course that prepares students for diverse careers in animation with a high artistic dimension. This training connects original creation and technical mastery of the tools that are specific to this field.

Our animation course is available on three of our campuses: Bordeaux, Lille and Paris.