Design and Animation program preparation courses and Art School entrance exams preparation courses
Year 1

Paris, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Lille

Paris, Bordeaux, Lille


Courses in Design and in Animation at ECV rely on simple and solid principles, including the mastery of drawing and design, which are the essence of a designer’s work. The educational method adapts to technological advancements and the contingencies of the professional environment.

The course includes study trips and internships that are open to international students.

The school has a double vocation

  • One preparatory workshop that gives students all the necessary background to a good orientation, allowing them to be well grounded for the course of their choice
  • One of a school, that helps students become professionals in visual communication and animation

Since its creation, ECV relies on a comprehensive knowledge of the market to which the students are destined. This essential principle has guided the great orientations of its teaching. The professionalism of its teachers, the numerous internships, the close ties with agencies in France and abroad, the acknowledgement of the school by the great professional organisations of design and communications, as well as its graduates, are all factors of success for ECV, to the service of the students. The graduates of ECV enter a familiar professional world, in which their skills and creativity are acknowledged.