Visual identity

Héléna Ichbiah, co-fondatrice d'Ich&Kar - Promotion 1991 - Identité visuelle de BETC
Héléna Ichbiah, co-fondatrice d’Ich&Kar – Promotion 1991 – Identité visuelle de BETC

Visual identity expresses the qualities, the activity and ambitions of a company. It is the signature that accompanies every communication. It has to be immediately comprehensible and easily memorable. Its application requires clarity, while having to account for the values of the company. The implementation of a visual identity program is a long-term work, and generally ends by a graphic chart, a document where the implementation rules of the visual identity on all media are laid out: stationary, website, publishing, signage…

Visual identity is a key element of marketing strategy. The great design agencies have today gone international, and network with worldwide implantations.