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Faced with products trivialisation, packaging allows brands to distinguish and differentiate themselves from others. Besides the fact that packaging should create the desire to buy the product among consumers, it also has to provide a trademark and deliver the promises associated with the product. Packaging is one of the cheapest way to advertise.

The design of a packaging happens when a new product concept has to be created, when a product has to be updated, when the trademark system has changed, or when the competitors have evolved and the brand has to respond in order to stay ahead.


Its activities

For all the reasons mentioned above, the activities of the product and of the package designers cannot be dissociated, as they both contribute to the success of the product.

The daily job of the package designer and the one of the product designer actually bear some similarities. From the yoghurt pot to the latest video game console, he is in charge of the package design of the product. He chooses its shape, its style, material, colour, etc, …

To attract new consumers and increase the loyalty of others, it is essential to renew the packaging. It is the reason why package designer experiences a more sustained work pace than the one of other designers. As an example, the package of a child’s product is renewed two to three times a year, according to the new characters shown on television.