Within an agency, creation is generally orchestrated by the art director / copywriter duo, the art director being in charge of the image, and the copywriter of the text. Like a ping pong match, this pair work requires a real complicity between them.

Whatever the type of agency, creation relies on a creative director, who supervises a creative team. They both have to respond to a brief, developed on the basis of the communication strategy given by the commercial service.

Their task is focused on the search for visual ideas and concepts for print, TV, radio and press advertising… Their projects start with the drafting of a model, which would then be discussed several times with the commercial service before being submitted to the client. To convince him, they have to find the most striking arguments. Once the project is validated, the art director leads a team of photographers, illustrators, film directors, etc, …

Intellectual curiosity, aesthetic sensibility, general culture and intuition are essential in this profession.

Creation is the signature of an agency, as well as its brand image. France is a land of communication, as shown by the presence of two French agencies within the 10 biggest advertising agencies in the world.