International Cumulus Workshop 2018

Two students from the ECV were selected to participate in the International Workshop “Together at the Centre Pompidou” as part of the Paris 2018 Cumulus conference. Discover their testimonials!

In early April, 35 students from the best European design schools, members of the Cumulus network, gathered in Paris, at the Centre Pompidou. Over five days, students attended a workshop covering issues that an institution such as this one could encounter. This was an excellent opportunity for students Claire and Clémence, who participated and who are currently in the Master of Corporate Design programme at ECV Nantes.

“On the first day, we attended a presentation on the Centre Pompidou and how it operates. The curators also presented their profession. Then, we discovered the different topics of the workshop (7 in total) that mixed space design, products, graphics, and fashion. We were free to choose any subject we wanted. I chose to work on the creation of furniture elements and the visual identity of a space for children aged 0-6. This space was conceived to help children discover art, and should open shortly in Clermont-Ferrand. It was very interesting to work with people from different backgrounds (textile, photo and interior design in my group). This allows you to supplement your studies and improve your English vocabulary.

There were many positive points from my participation in this workshop: speaking in English, meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, working on concrete projects while being independent (you can have fun and be creative!) and taking advantage of the experienced professionals, who were there to coach us and share their knowledge and good practices of the profession.”

Claire Vimont, Master’s student

“The workshop went really well. After a presentation of the museum staff and topics related to issues that the Centre Pompidou can come across (rethinking relaxation spaces in exhibitions, developing specific signage events, creating furniture for workshops with children, etc.), we were ready to start. And as a bonus—we had free access to the permanent galleries, workshop rooms and fablab.
The groups were international and we all spoke in English. The work approach and methodology were quite different to what we are used to with ECV. It was a little unnerving at first, but also very rewarding. It also allowed us to work cross-functionally with students from other areas of study. All in all, a very good experience!
If you want to participate in this type of workshop, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. You may end up working on product design with people who have a very different work methodology than you, even though you thought you would be doing graphic design. You musn’t be be afraid of constantly questioning your choices (or being questioned about them), multiplying proposals, or leaving the classic “brief/client” dimension that we are all accustomed to.”

Clémence Gouy, Master’s student